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Zamia polymorpha

Zamia polymorphaZamia polymorpha is native to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and to Belize. Its species name, polymorpha, comes from its variability in leaf and leaflet size and shape. In habitat, Zamia polymorpha plants and leaves growing full sun are shorter, narrower, leathery, and have lance-shaped finely serrated leaflets. Zamia polymorpha plants that grow in deep shade have longer, broader, paper-like leaves and their leaflets are long and oval.

Zamia polymorpha is a small cycad with a subterranean caudex up to 4 inches in diameter. In the garden, it usually has 2-3 leaves, 18 inches to 5 feet long, and a prickled petiole. The leaflets are lanceolate with serrated margins in the upper two thirds, and up to 30cm long, and 8cm wide. It prefers a partly sunny, partly shaded well drained position.

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Zamia polymorpha