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Zamia sp. ‘Alvarado’ Seeds

Zamia sp. ‘Alvarado’ Seeds

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This species is from a town in Mexico named Alvarado. It grows 350 yards from the ocean. It is a relatively cold-hardy zamia, with thick, leathery leaflets, which have a blue-grey cast to them.

These seeds are descended from plants which grew from seeds donated by Loran Whitelock many years ago to the Hawaiian botanical gardens. Below, you will see a scan of one leaf, which has flattened somewhat, as is has been placed on a scanner. The leaves are more of a V or keel-shape.

We have a very limited number of these, which we are offering at the following prices, plus shipping:

10+ Seeds:$2.00 per seed

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Zamia sp. ‘Alvarado’ Seeds