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Zamia paucijuga

Zamia paucijugaZamia paucijuga is a smaller to medium growing cycad, native to the west coast of Mexico, and in the Maria Cleofas Islands. Its preferred habitat is in oak and pine forests, which border the beaches of these islands. The Zamia paucijuga habitat has distinct wet and dry seasons, and this area receives about 40 inches of rain annually, so this plant is well adapted to ranges of seasonal dryness and wetness.

Zamia paucijuga forms a clumping habit, with subterranean stems growing to about 5 inches in diameter. Its stiff, leathery, bright green leaves grow to 3 feet in length, and benefit from some shade, since they have originally an understory habitat, although these plants do adapt well to a sunny location as well. This plant can be somewhat frost-sensitive, but less so if protected and with the stem/caudex planted well below the soil surface. It prefers a location that is well drained.

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Zamia paucijuga