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Zamia montana

Zamia montana

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This ultra-rare Colombian species grows in small populations at the highest elevation of any neotropical cycad, ranging from 1500 to 2500 meters above sea level, where the temperature can go down to 2 C and below. This cold tolerance makes Z. montana a plant with unique horticultural potential as it can be grown outdoors in subtropical areas, and potentially in temperate areas with shelter.
The plants we have are 5-6 years old. This easy-to-grow plant is particularly attractive when it flushes because of the rich golden hues in its leaves.
In its natural habitat some plants live on top of hills and in cliffs in full sun while others live in the depth of cool and moist forests. We are working with a Colombian exporter to propagate seeds from artificially-grown specimens. Hopefully, this will take pressure off wild populations.
We have obtained these artificially propagated plants under pertinent CITES and USDA regulations and will ship them bare-root to interested collectors.

Zamia montana
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Zamia montana