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Zamia lucayana

Zamia lucayana

Zamia lucayana is the only species of cycad endemic to the Bahamas. It derives its name from the Lucaya indian tribe which was the original inhabitant of the Bahamas. Zamia lucayana is among the most attractive of the Zamias originating in the Caribbean Islands. It is often found growing in sand along the Atlantic Coast of a few Bahamian Islands, particularly Long Island, where it is threatened by habitat loss..

Interestingly enough, according to people who have studied this species, Zamia lucayana has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with sand crabs that inhabit its coastal habitat. The crabs eat Zamia lucayana's fleshy seed coating, and disperse the seeds which then germinate in this habitat. Also, some Zamia lucayana seeds are apparently gathered into the subterranean areas where the crabs nest, also germinating.

Cultivated specimens of Zamia lucayana are very attractive plants, with compact size and short, upright leaves. It tolerates full sun, and can handle salt and wind well.

Zamia lucayana Seedlings

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Zamia lucayana