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Zamia floridana

Zamia floridanaZamia floridana is the only cycad native to the 50 United States. It is a cold-tolerant and attractive landscape plant, which can be used in groupings because of its clumping growth habit.

Zamia floridana is native to Florida, Georgia and lower Alabama. It is commonly known as the coontie. Its feather-like, light green, leathery foliage emerges from a large underground stem, its storage root in early years before a trunk develops. Zamia floridana provides a tropical landscape effect, and its unique growth habit is well suited as a specimen or in a container. In the garden, when planted on 3-5 feet on center for a massing effect, it forms a 3-foot-tall, medium-green ground cover.

Zamia floridana grows well in part shade/part sun, in well-draining soil. It is drought resistant with non-invasive roots, but like any plant, plenty of water is needed following transplanting.

Zamia floridana Seedlings
Zamia floridana "Daytona" Seeds

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Zamia floridana