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Zamia loddigesii Plants

Zamia loddigesii PlantsZamia loddigesii is named for Conrad Loddiges, the owner of a famous London-based exotic plant nursery. It has medium-length stiff leaves. Zamia loddigesii is distinguished from the more common Zamia furfuracea by not having ovate leaflets and lacking “fuzziness” at maturity. Its leaflets are leathery, often appearing somewhat glaucous to deep green.

Zamia loddigesii is native to the Gulf side of Mexico's Sierra Madre Oriental, in Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Tabasco. It is a drought-tolerant cycad, described as "bulletproof" by the former Cycad Biologist at the Montgomery Foundation. It is pest and disease resistant, and grows well with minimal fertilizer. One of the more hardy and cold-tolerant Mexican Zamias.

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Zamia loddigesii Plants