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Zamia inermis Seeds

Zamia inermis Seeds

Zamia inermis was described by botanists Andrew Vovides, John Rees & Mario Vázquez Torres 1983. Its name derives from the absence of prickles on the petiole and rachis of the leaf. It is native to central Veracruz, Mexico where it grows in deciduous forests on steep slopes in low mountains at 1000 feet in altitude, on dry volcanic soils.

Its numerous stiff, spineless and erect leaves form a funnel pattern. Its seeds are brown at maturity as opposed to the pink to red to orange red seeds of other terrestrial Zamias.

Zamia inermis is known from only a single population that is severely threatened by fire, over collection, and apparently eradication of its pollinator. It is primarily cultivated in botanical and private gardens.

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Zamia inermis Seeds