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Zamia herrerae "Chiapas" Seeds

Zamia herrerae "Chiapas" SeedsZamia herrerae grows in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Chiapas, Mexico. It is an understory plant, growing in forests up to 2500 feet in elevation. It is quite rare and thus easily endangered in the wild. Zamia herrerae is named in honor of Héctor Herrera an El Salvadorian scientist.

This rare zamia has long narrow leaflets, generally from 2-6, as shown in the photograph above. They range from 1 ½ to 5 feet long. It has a limited number of spines on its leaflets and petioles, widely spread out and well developed. Its leaflets are somewhat similar to Z. standleyi. Its stem is tuberous and subterranean, 1-4 inches in diameter.

According to cycad authority Loran Whitelock, in his book The Cycads, “Zamia herrerae is not commonly grown because of the difficulty of acquiring specimens rather than any problems in their cultivation.”

10+ Seeds: $5.00 apiece
20+ Seeds: $4.00 apiece
50+ Seeds: $3.00 apiece

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Zamia herrerae "Chiapas" Seeds