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Zamia fairchildiana Plants

Zamia fairchildiana PlantsZamia fairchildiana is a glossy-leafed cycad from Costa Rica and Panama, native to subtropical and tropical rainforests up to nearly one mile in altitude. It can be found on slopes varying from clay to rocky soil. Zamia fairchildiana is named for Dr. David Fairchild (1869-1954), the renowned American botanist and plant explorer

Zamia fairchildiana is a graceful and attractive plant, up to 6 feet tall, with a stem up to 6 inches diameter. It will bear up to 10 leaves, to 5 feet long, with a prickled petiole, and up to 30 pairs of oblong, pointed glossy green leaflets, up to 12 inches long, and 1 inches wide.

Zamia fairchildiana enjoys a warm, shady, moist location, with excellent drainage. Zamia fairchildiana also grows well in pots.

Zamia fairchildiana Seedlings

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Zamia fairchildiana Plants