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Ultra-Rare Huge-Leafed Species from Colombia
Zamia amplifolia<br>Ultra-Rare Huge-Leafed Species from Colombia

Zamia amplifolia
Ultra-Rare Huge-Leafed Species from Colombia

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Zamia amplifolia is from the Choco region of Colombia. Its name “amplifolia” refers to its very large leaves, and leaflets -- It has leaves up to 2 meters (6+ feet) long carrying up to 12 very large leaflets up to 60 cm (2 feet) long. It is known from only four collections over the past 125 years.
Z. amplifolia is the only Zamia with prominently grooved leaflets that also has leaflets with an entire margin. It is similar in leaves to Z. dressleri a species from Central Panama. However, Z. amplifolia has been know to have a trunk up to 2.5 meters tall while Z. dressleri always has a subterranean stem.
Zamia amplifolia grows as an understory plant in the tropics at a relatively high elevation (1200 meters—nearly 4000 feet), with estimated rainfall between 120 to 150 inches per year. This area has night temperatures of 60-70 degrees F and daytime temperatures of 75-85 F. According to the World List, this species is so rarely collected that it is hard to assess…very rare… existing populations …threatened by habitat destruction for coffee plantations
Zamia amplifolia has great value as an ornamental plant, with its large leaves set in an underground stem and its new leaves being of a rich gold color.
We will be bringing in one year old seedlings, each with at least one leaf. These plants have 10 inch tall leaves, with leaflets 6-8 inches long, according to our supplier.

Comparison of Grooved Leaves

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Zamia amplifolia
Ultra-Rare Huge-Leafed Species from Colombia