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Yucca linearifolia

Yucca linearifoliaYucca linearifolia is an attractive rare yucca native to southwestern Texas and Nuevo León, Mexico. It is a slow growing plant featuring hundreds of narrow flexible blue-green leaves that grow 2-3 feet long, creating a 3-dimensional circle of leaves. The plants can reach over 4 feet tall. Yucca linearifolia grows well in full sun with good drainage.

Also known as the Linear-leaf Yucca, Yucca linearifolia can handle down to 10 degrees F without damage and is also proven to be heat and drought tolerant.

Previously thougth to be a form of Yucca rostrata (Yucca rostata var. linaris, Yucca linearifolia has recently been described as its own species, because of its fleshy fruit and narrow, leaves.

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Yucca linearifolia