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Through Labor Day
Save 10%-45%


SUMMER SALE<br>Through Labor Day<br>Save 10%-45%

Cycads love summer’s intense heat, and we’re hoping you will, too, at our Summer Sale, through Labor Day Weekend (Online Orders through September 7, or Visit Our Nursery By Saturday September 5).

Here's how you'll benefit...

• Great Prices - All available Nursery Plants at up to 45% below regular prices! Click on one of the links below for more details.

• Well-Grown Plants -
Outdoor-grown specimens grown for years in the robust climate of the LA's Northeast San Fernando Valley, ready to go right into your garden

• Price Guaranty -
your value and quality is guaranteed

• Great Selection -
All the species you’re looking for, in a wide range of sizes, from seedlings to specimens

• Get the Best Price Whether You're Here or Not -
You can purchase online, via phone or in-person at the nursery. If you can't get to the nursery by Saturday, September 5, call or email us by September 5, and we can select a healthy plant for you at a great price. You may also order online via our website through Monday, September 7. We can ship right to your door, anywhere in the USA, or hold plants for up to one year for pickup. Click on the SUMMER SALE Link below for more information.

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Through Labor Day
Save 10%-45%