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Specimen Plants Available in the Nursery

<b><font color="green">Specimen Plants Available in the Nursery</b></font color="green">

This is a partial list of what we have in stock now. If you don't see something you want, please check, as we may indeed have it.

Ceratozamia hildae
Ceratozamia mexicana
Ceratozamia miqueliana

Cycas angulata
Cycas balansae
Cycas cairnsiana
Cycas circinalis
Cycas currannii
Cycas debaoensis Coning Sized Plants
Cycas diannanensis
Cycas litoralis
Cycas micronesica
Cycas micholitzii (C. bifida) Coning Sized Plants
Cycas nongnoochaei
Cycas ophiolitica
Cycas panzhihuaensis
Cycas pectinata
Cycas petraea
Cycas sexseminifera
Cycas revoluta "Showa"
Cycas sp. "nova wilailak"
Cycas simplicipinna
Cycas taitungensis
Cycas "Thai Silver Form"
Cycas thouarsii

Dioon angustifolium (Tamaulipas)Coning Sized Plants
Dioon califanoi
Dioon caputoi
Dioon edule "duner" (Gulf of Mexico)
Dioon edule var. edule
Dioon edule "Queretaro Blue Form"
Dioon edule Sabanetes (Palma Sola)
Dioon holmgrenii
Dioon mejiae
Dioon merolae "Las Minas"
Dioon merolae "Santiago la Chiguiri"--"Golden"
Dioon "Mixtequensis" (newly named species)
Dioon purpusii
Dioon rzedowskii
Dioon spinulosum
Encephalartos aemulans
Encephalartos altensteinii Coning Sized Plants
Encephalartos altensteinii x lehmanii
Encephalartos aplanatus
Encephalartos arenarius
Encephalartos arenarius (Blue Leaves)
Encephalartos arenarius (Blue Form)
Encephalartos arenarius x horridus
Encephalartos arenarius x horridus (Blue)
Encephalartos arenarius x woodii
Encephalartos barteri
Encephalartos bubalinus
Encephalartos caffer
Encephalartos cerinus
Encephalartos chimanimaniensis
Encephalartos cycadifolius
Encephalartos dyerianus
Encephalartos eugene maraisii
Encephalartos ferox
Encephalartos friderici-guilielmi
Encephalartos gratus
Encephalartos hildebrandtii
Encephalartos horridus
Encephalartos horridus x arenarius
Encephalartos horridus "Dwarf Form"
Encephalartos horridus (Hewson Collection)
Encephalartos horridus x woodii
Encephalartos ituriensis
Encephalartos kisambo
Encephalartos laevifolius
Encephalartos lanatus
Encephalartos laurentianus
Encephalartos lebomboensis
Encephalartos lehmanii
Encephalartos lehmanii (Paardport Mountain)
Encephalartos longifolius
Encephalartos longifolius "Blue Form"
Encephalartos mackenziei (sp. Sudan)
Encephalartos manikensis
Encephalartos middelburgensis
Encephalartos msinganus
Encephalartos natalensis
Encephalartos natalensis x horridus
Encephalartos natalensis x woodii
Encephalartos paucidentatus
Encephalartos princeps
Encephalartos pterogonus
Encephalartos sclavoi
Encephalartos senticosus
Encephalartos senticosus x trispinosus
Encephalartos septentrionalis
Encephalartos sp. Choala
Encephalartos sp. Vumba
Encephalartos tegulaneus
Encephalartos transvenosus
Encephalartos transvenosus x latifrons
Encephalartos transvenosus x lehmannii
Encephalartos trispinosus
Encephalartos trispinosus JC Grower's Reserve
Encephalartos turneri
Encephalartos umbeluziensis
Encephalartos villosus
Encephalartos whitelockii
Encephalartos woodii
Lepidozamia peroffskyana
Lepidozamia hopei
Macrozamia moorei
Macrozamia mountperriensis
Stangeria eriopus
Zamia amblyphyllidia
Zamia herrerae Coning Sized Plants
Zamia ipetiensis
Zamia neurophyllidia
Zamia paucijuga
Zamia pseudoparasitica
Zamia pumila
Zamia loddigesii Coning Sized Plants
Zamia pumila

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Specimen Plants Available in the Nursery