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Encephalartos villosus

Encephalartos villosusEncephalartos villosus is native to South Africa and Swaziland and is the widest spread cycad in southern Africa. Due to its attractive arching leaves and its affordable price, Encephalartos villosus is a popular cycad. Its name “villosus” is Latin for “furry” and derives from its densely wooly crown and softly white fuzzy newly emergent leaves. Please click here to view a larger version of this image.

Encephalartos villosus is a medium-sized, clumping cycad native to a forest habitat. So, in a garden it prefers shade. It grows gracefully arching dark glossy green leaves. Encephalartos villosus is fast growing for a cycad. Within 5+ years, it can develop into a beautiful garden specimen.

Encephalartos villosus' trunk is largely subterranean and can emerge up to 1 foot above ground with leaves up to 10 feet long. It prefers a shaded, moist, well drained location in a mild climate. A good landscaping plant, with its long graceful leaves, Encephalartos villosus is generally frost-resistant.

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Encephalartos villosus