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Pseudobombax Bonsais

Pseudobombax Bonsais

Pseudobombax ellipticum is a member of the Bombax family. Common names include "Shaving Brush Tree." It is a great pot plant for bonsai culture. It can also work well as a trunking caudiciform in a xeriscape garden. Its caudex forms a fat base, which sometimes resembles a turtle shell. With its bulbous green trunk and dark-red emergent leaves and shaving brush-like flowers either reddish-pink or white, Pseudobombax ellipticum is a truly exotic addition to a pot garden or landscape.

This deciduous tree branches close to its succulent trunk base. Its attractive flowers are used to decorate homes and churches in its native southern Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Pseudobombax ellipticum is extremely drought tolerant, but it can handle ample water in warm weather. It can handle minimum temperatures into the high 20s for short periods, and should be protected when the temperatures fall below 32 F.

Photo Credit Dr. Geoff Stein

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Pseudobombax Bonsais