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Other Primitive Conifers

Other Primitive ConifersLike cycads, these are rare primitive conifers, or cone-bearing plants, not often seen for sale in the USA. Most of these primitive conifers emanate from the former continent of Gondwana, a land mass that existed hundreds of millions of years ago. Gondwana consisted of most of the landmasses in today's southern hemisphere, including Antarctica, South America, Africa, Madagascar, Australia-New Guinea, and New Zealand, as well as Arabia and the Indian subcontinent, the last two of which are now in the Northern Hemisphere.

This photo is of Araucaria araucana, commonly called the "Monkey Puzzle" tree.

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Agathis robusta Trees
Araucaria araucana Plants<br>Monkey Puzzle Tree
See here for a map of Gondwana

Agathis robusta Trees

Araucaria araucana Plants
Monkey Puzzle Tree

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Other Primitive Conifers