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Potting Party November 6, 9AM-4PM -- Earn Free Plants

Potting Party Nov. 6 Earn Free Plants

This coming Saturday, November 6, from 9-4, we're holding a Potting Party where selected customers come help us pot up sprouts and seedlings we've been growing and germinating at the nursery.

At our Potting Party on Saturday, March 20, about 15 people took home over $3000 in plants in return for potting up plants at our nursery. We're planning another party for this coming Saturday, so if you want to be included, please contact us via email (see below).

In return for helping us pot up plants, you earn plants to take home, based on how many you pot up. We provide training, soil, pots, training and materials, plus snacks and drinks.

You provide your own lunch, you bring your own potting tools (soil scoops or trowels) and you get some great plants to take home. Typically, people leave with $150-$250 worth of plants, based on several hours' work effort.

Please email us at if you would like to reserve your spot to join in the fun at our next potting party, and get some great plants.

Since space is limited, and want to accommodate as many friends as possible, we ask that you please confirm with us that you would like to participate before you visit. That way, we can have the right amount of supplies, snacks and drinks. Also, we can make sure everyone is trained to do this well.


Here are some of the species that our participants have potted up in the past:

Aloe bainesii
Aloe chabaudii
Aloe cameronii
Aloe excelsa
Agathis rubista
Chorisia speciosa
Cycas cairnsiana
Cycas elephantipes
Cycas litoralis
Cycas panzhihuensis
Cycas pectinata
Cycas petraea
Cycas revoluta
Cycas simplicipinna
Cycas sp. "Wilailak"
Cycas sp. Utaithaini
Cycas sp. Wilailak
Cycas taitungensis
Cycas thouarsii
Dioon califanoi
Dioon edule "Jacala Hidalgo"
Dioon edule var. "Palma Sola"
Dioon edule var. "Queretaro"
Dioon edule var. "Rio Verde"
Dioon edule
Encephalartos altensteinii
Encephalartos chimanimaniensis
Encephalartos concinnus
Encephalartos ferox
Encephalartos gratus x manikensis
Encephalartos gratus
Encephalartos lebomboensis
Encephalartos manikensis
Encephalartos pterogonus
Encephalartos sp. Choala
Encephalartos sp. Vumba
Encephalartos sp.
Encephalartos turnerii (Ribaue)
Encephalartos umbeluziensis
Encephalartos villosus
Lepidozamia peroffskyana
Macrozamia communis
Macrozamia moorei
Macrozamia riedlei
Strelitzia juncea
Zamia amblyphillidia
Zamia floridana
Zamia furfuracea
Zamia herrerae
Zamia loddigesii
Zamia pumila
Zamia sp. "Alvarado"

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Potting Party Nov. 6 Earn Free Plants