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- - You Save - -
Leaf-Damaged Plant Sale
Winter 2006

Our Shadehouse Collapsed
- - You Save - -
Leaf-Damaged Plant Sale
Winter 2006

<b>Our Shadehouse Collapsed<br>      - - You Save - -  <br>Leaf-Damaged Plant Sale<br>Winter 2006</b>

UPDATE--Sale Extended for a Limited Time For Remaining Leaf-Damaged Plants

After the weekend of February 4-5, we stumbled across even more species of plants whose leaves had suffered wind damage. Well, instead of crying, (which I really did feel like doing) I decided to extend our sale for an additional weekend, because several customers had asked if we'd do this since they could not come by that weekend.

So, for a limited time, we'll be offering 35%-50% discounts on rare plants like:

Encephalartos ituriensis (5 gallon plants)
E. tegulaneus (medium and large plants)
E. whitelockii (large and small plants)
E. arenarius "Blue Leaf" (one plant remains)
E. munchii "Blue Form"
E. pterogonus
E. ituriensis

...As well as some more common plants which experienced leaf damage (also to be offered at up to 50% discount) such as:

Lepidozamia peroffskyana
Encephalartos horridus 5 gallon plants

So, come visit us, in the nursery or online, and we'll be glad to offer you discounts so that we can offset this unforeseen setback to our facilities, and your cycad collection can benefit.

Thanks, from the gang at A&A Cycads.

Maurice, Juan, Angela, Marcelo and George

(more details below)


Well, it happened. Or, shall I say "s_it happened". The early January downpour we experienced in Southern California, followed by amazingly strong winds, caused the entire midsection of our shadehouse to implode, wreaking havoc, and damaging plant material. One steel galvanized beam actually rocketed upward, spearing our greenhouse on its downward descent with devastating results…

This setback cost unfortunate thousands of repair dollars, damaging the leaves of some really rare plants, so we’re offering significant discounts, up to 50%, on a list of partially leaf-damaged, rare plants to be available until they're gone, please click on the link below.

In the meantime, please take a look below at the fun Mother Nature has been having with our facility.

Click to enlargeClick Here for a List of our Remaining Leaf-Damaged PlantsPlease note that availability is not guaranteed on these plants, which may have been sold prior to your inquiry. We do our best to update this list, but to confirm availability, you must call the nursery at (818) 759-0600.

Photographs of the Imploded ShadehousePhotographs of the Imploded Shadehouse(Click a second time on the photos to enlarge them for a better view)

New Arrivals Being OfferedNew Arrivals Being OfferedHere are some of the new arrivals we've got at discounted prices, with beauty to spare:

Specimen Plant AvailabilitySpecimen Plant Availability
Smaller Plant AvailabilitySmaller Plant Availability
Everything in the Greenhouse will be on sale!

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Our Shadehouse Collapsed
- - You Save - -
Leaf-Damaged Plant Sale
Winter 2006