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Limited Edition--Signed Douglas Goode Conservation Poster

Limited Edition--Signed Douglas Goode Conservation Poster

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This is a limited edition signed poster created by the world renowned cycad artist Douglas Goode. Douglas created the original painting in response to some of the events which took place in mid-2001, as his plea for conservation of cycads.
In addition to the original painting, Douglas had a limited number of signed prints created. There are a very few of these remaining, and we are offering them at the price listed below.
The following is Douglas’ description of the painting:
I have traveled throughout Africa for more than four decades in search of cycads. Seeing these magnificent relics in their natural habitats is a pleasure mere words cannot describe. In recent years a profound sadness has slowly replaced the pleasure, as more and more of these living fossils become available for relocation into suburban landscaping.
Africa is truly blessed with its botanical wonders and the diversity of the cycad genus Encephalartos is no exception. Africa - the cradle of mankind, Africa - a treasure of cycads.
During the last two years working on my book, Cycads of Africa Volume 1, I came to realize just how important it is for all folk who passionately love cycads to say ‘NO’ to large plants which have a minimal survival rate after being transplanted. The tragedy of cycads in the wild is that they are free for the taking. ‘Free for the taking’.
This oil painting titled ‘Africa - a treasure of cycads’ is the culmination of pent-up anger and frustration at the continuing wholesale plundering of habitat specimens of all shapes and sizes.
The central figure is both caretaker and silent negotiator balancing between blank cheques and preservation. The porcupine quill ties the one hand while the other gives approval for collecting as far as the eye can see. Slow cycad regeneration can be seen, as young seedlings cling to a landscape that has been devastated in many areas.
Over the last 20 years many new cycad species have been described; if you collect cycads this is good news and before you know it, the plants are under pressure on their way to extinction in the wild. The new species flag (with black replacing the white line) is a powerful statement giving the primary colours more range and impact.
There is a large, empty swimming pool with neat manicured lawns, host to a lonely cycad. I have used the abandoned pool with the graffiti covered walls as part metaphor with near subliminal messages urging the viewer to come closer. To the right of the central figure, the left arm points to the most important message, almost blending into the green surface of the flag.
The cycad kingdom of Encephalartos has been under siege for the last three decades, the causality numbers are high; only now in the year 2001AD after countless battles, will the kingdom begin its long journey on the road to recovery. Viva Encephalartos!
Finally, in the foreground, gloating cycad seeds surround the base of the figure, both red and yellow; these seeds are testimony to the generous harvest that has for thousands of years guaranteed the survival of this most handsome cycad. On the base plate the plaque reads “Africa–a treasure of Cycads.”
Douglas Goode 2002

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Limited Edition--Signed Douglas Goode Conservation Poster