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Growing Grounds Opening Sale

New Growing Grounds Opening Sale 75% Off Plants

75% Off Plants<br>Growing Grounds Opening Sale

We've moved our growing grounds to a new location, and to support this move, we're offering nearly all plants at 75%* off, so you get more plant value for your money.

To get your 75% discount online, purchase $800** or more in plants (which is $200 after your 75% discount), and use the discount code opening when you check out of our online store.

1. Click Here To Order Your Plants Online on Sale at 75% Discounts -- (Nearly) All Available Plants , Seedlings,Succulents & Rare Caudiciforms andDrought-Resistant Palms & Drought-Resistant Trees ... Sorry, Not Books, Posters or Seeds...We can (a) Ship Your Plants To You or (b) Hold Your Plants For Pickup (Select your Shipping Method, or “Do Not Ship” in your Shopping Cart),


2. Make an appointment to visit us by calling (818) 655-0230 or by clicking here to email your appointment request

As with previous sales, these discounts apply to available plants, and may not be combined with other discounts, vouchers, or prior credits.

* Our opening coupon code gives you 75% discount from our Regular Price on approximately 95% of our available plant stock.
**If you purchase less than $800 in plants, please use the coupon code opening100, and you’ll get a 50% discount.

Plant Species
Plant Species

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75% Off Plants
Growing Grounds Opening Sale