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Mission Statement of the Jurassic Garden
Maurice Levin, Founder

Mission Statement of the Jurassic Garden

Our goal is to preserve endangered species, and increase their worldwide population, so they will be alive for future generations. We will do this by:
  • Importing, propagating, preserving and growing endangered plants, pursuing Preservation through Propagation.
  • Teaching others how to grow and preserve endangered species in their own gardens..
  • Selling endangered plants at favorable prices to get as many of them as possible into gardens and landscapes, thus preserving the species.
Ultimately, we will have achieved a measure of success if in the coming years:
  1. There will be ample quantities of cycads of all sizes available to home gardeners at reasonable prices.
  2. Gardeners and landscapers will nurture and care for cycads knowing they are beautiful endangered relics from prehistory.
  3. Cycad habitats in the wild will become intriguing places to visit, examine and study, not harvesting grounds for poachers.
Maurice Levin
The Jurassic Garden at A&A Cycads

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Mission Statement of the Jurassic Garden