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Macrozamia communis

Macrozamia communis

Macrozamia communis comes from the New South Wales province of Australia. These plants develop either a subterranean caudex, an aerial extension of the caudex or a short columnar trunk, dark green colored fronds which become dull with an untwisted rhachis, leaflets without spines, sharply-tipped leaflets which are angled forward (at an angle of 45-60 degrees) and which extend in a horizontal plane. These leaflets progressively reduce in size and become spine-like towards the base of the leaf. There is a prominent whitish callous at the point where the leaflets join the leaf axis.

This plant can have 100+ fronds which can reach 6 feet in length and which, at first, stand more or less upright but then, with age, tend to spread in a graceful arching manner to produce a palm-like appearance.

Macrozamia communis is a very hardy and versatile species, which will adapt to a range of soils and climates providing that drainage is good. It enjoys a sunny location.

Macrozamia communis Seedlings
Macrozamia communis<br>Plants with Massive Trunks!Macrozamia communis
Plants with Massive Trunks!

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Macrozamia communis