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Macrozamia mountperriensis

Macrozamia mountperriensisThis plant, which comes from a small section of the forests in the Mt Perry district of Queensland, has rarely been seen here in the US. For the first time we are aware of, Macrozamia mountperriensis have been specially permitted to be harvested, under the supervision of the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency.

Macrozamia mountperriensis is a member of the M. miquelii complex, and is generally considered to have a small stature. However, we have been able to obtain substantial, 14-18 caudexes which are coning size. We believe these are 50+ year old plants.

Macrozamia mountperriensis plants have highly glossy, light green leaves, none of which reduce to spines at the bottom of the leaf. It had small cones and seeds. This plant is cold-tolerant to the low 20s Fahrenheit.

Macrozamia mountperriensis Seedlings

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Macrozamia mountperriensis