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Macrozamia moorei

Macrozamia mooreiA refrigerated ocean container pulled into the port of Los Angeles, in mid 2002, just avoiding the port closings. It contained 100 of these massive plants.

We potted them up in 24" boxes and they've really leafed out nicely.

Macrozamia moorei features a large, rounded, date palm-like crown of gracefully curved, dark blue-green leaves. This frost-tolerant plant is suited to temperate, sub-tropical and tropical regions. It is a very hardy and versatile species, which will adapt to a range of soils and climates providing that drainage is good. It enjoys a sunny location.

All plants were imported in compliance with pertinent CITES and USDA regulations. We offer plants with trunk sizes with diameters ranging from 7 inches to 15 inches.

For out of area shipments, Macrozamia plants will be shipped bare root. Please see prices and availability below:

Macrozamia moorei Seeds

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Macrozamia moorei