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By Trevor Nottle
Gardens of the Sun<br>By Trevor Nottle

Gardens of the Sun
By Trevor Nottle

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In this book ideally suited for California gardeners, the author speaks with exuberant passion to all gardeners who, because of their geographic location, are frustrated in their yearnings to re-create the lush glories of English and European gardens.
Nottle, who lives and gardens in Australia, asserts that gardens thoughtfully designed to perform in the hot dry summers and mild wet winters of Mediterranean climates can equal or surpass the beauty and charm of classic European woodland and cottage gardens. He recommends that plants be carefully selected from a world palette of dry-climate “specialists,” and he provides practical information on lean-soil preparation and improvement; water gardening and water conservation; use of native plants; and using shade, color, and texture for cooling effects in the garden.
He includes excellent appendices on seeds, sources, and societies, and a wide ranging bibliography. Gardens of the Sun is a delightful book for its writing as well as its vision.
208 pp, 113 color photos, 2 b/w illus., 7 1/2 x 9 3/4", hardcover
ISBN: 0-88192-365-6
Publication Date: October 1996

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Gardens of the Sun
By Trevor Nottle