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Encephalartos pterogonus

Encephalartos pterogonusEncephalartos pterogonus, also known as the “Winged Cycad”, is an extremely rare plant from Mozambique, previously thought to be extinct in habitat. It derives its name from the Latin "pteron", meaning "wing", and gonas, seed, from the unique “wings” or lobes on the lower edges of its pollen cone scales on male plants in habitat.

Encephalartos pterogonus features a mature trunk of 5-7 feet tall, attractive light green, highly glossy leaves up to 5 feet long, with short petioles and numerous reduced spine-like leaflets, green cones and red seed-coats. Its leaflets are lanceolate, flat (not keeled) in section with opposing leaflets inserted at 180°, arranged at an obtuse angle (45-80°) on the leaf, with basal leaflets reducing to spines.

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Encephalartos pterogonus