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Encephalartos macrostrobilus

Encephalartos macrostrobilus

E. macrostrobilus is found near Madi Opei, in the far northwest of Uganda, very near the Sudan border. It grows in poor, sandy soil along river beds in light shade, among granite boulders in a savannah environment. This cycad grows in a remote and rather dangerous locale, so, while it is probably not in danger of extinction, it is extremely hard to get to, and there may be other undiscovered populations of this plant yet to be discovered.

Stems of this species reach 8 feet tall, 12-18 inches in diameter. The rigid, erect leaves grow to 6-7 feet long, with 30-60 leaves flushing in each new whorl, recurving at the ends.

Since this species is virtually unknown in cultivation, it is extremely rare.

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Encephalartos macrostrobilus