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Blue Leafed "Joubertina" Form

Encephalartos longifolius
Blue Leafed "Joubertina" Form

Encephalartos longifolius<br>Blue Leafed "Joubertina" Form

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Sorry...These are all seedlings, now. Please click your way over to the seedling section of this website.

This is the ultra-rare blue form of Encephalartos longifolius, a cycad native to the Eastern Cape region of South Africa. Unlike the more common form of this species, which has grey-green leaves, this form has distinctly blue-grey leaves, with a slight green accent.

Like the more common form, the mature form of this plant features entire leaflets arranged in a V-shape, which overlap at the end of the leaf. Mature forms of this plant grow trunks up to 12 feet tall. Leaves are 3-6 feet long, with leaflets arranged in a V shape, up to 8 inches long.

Above, you'll see a picture of the seedlings we're also selling, plus a picture I took of a mature specimen in the Eastern Cape, in a town called Patensie. This specimen is located just outside a citrus packing facility, and has about one foot of clear trunk height.

These seeds were imported in accordance with all pertinent USDA and CITES regulations. They will be shipped to all U.S. domestic customers at the following prices, plus shipping.

1-4 Seeds: $10 per seed
5-9 Seeds: $8 per seed
10-49 Seeds: $6 per seed
50-99 Seeds: $5 per seed

Although these seeds are artificially propagated CITES Appendix I, and they may be re-exported overseas to non-U.S.A. customers, in CITES member countries, subject to U.S. Government approval, we have discovered that the process is very time-consuming and arduous. Therefore, we are no longer attempting to re-export these seeds.

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Encephalartos longifolius
Blue Leafed "Joubertina" Form