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Encephalartos longifolius Seeds

Encephalartos longifolius Seeds

This item is no longer available. We do have seedlings of this species available at Website:

Also known as the Long Leafed Cycad, this robust cycad grows in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, in full sun, wedged in sandstone, ranging from subtropical to mediterranean climate zones. Its dark green leaves grow to 6 feet long, strongly curving, with leaflets held in a V formation, on a trunk, or series of clumping trunks growing to 15 feet tall. It is fast growing, easy to grow, and features bright red cones. The Long Leafed Cycad grows well in direct sun, requiring excellent drainage and does well in sandy soil.

10+ Seeds: $11.25 apiece
20+ Seeds: $9.00 apiece

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Encephalartos longifolius Seeds