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Encephalartos ituriensis Plants

Encephalartos ituriensis PlantsEncephalartos ituriensis is a large and tall growing cycad native to a remote region in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, near the western shores of Lake Albert. It is virtually impossible to access the Encephalartos ituriensis habitat, due to interminable rains, and area's political instability. These plants result from our importing and seed-growing these plants over 5+ years.

Encephalartos ituriensis, also known as the Ituri Rainforest Cycad, grows leaves to 12 feet long, with a trunk reaching nearly 20 feet high over time. It is fast growing and responds well to regular water and sunlight. It enjoys good draining soil, and prefers afternoon shade in a climate that has dry hot summers.

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Encephalartos ituriensis Plants