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Encephalartos eugene maraisii Seeds

Encephalartos eugene maraisii Seeds

This is the first described species among the blue-leaved cycads in Transvaal province, discovered by the writer and naturalist, Eugene Marais. Subsequently, Dr. Inez Verdoorn, his niece and a noted botanist, rediscovered this cycad many years later, naming the plant for her uncle. It is native to South Africa in in the mountains of the Waterberg, Pietersburg, Witbank, and Middelburg districts of the central Transvaal.

Also known as the Waterberg Cycad, this plant is closely related to several other species (E. middelburgensis, E. dyerianus, E. dolomiticus and E. hirsutus). It is distinguished within this group of blue-leaved Transvaal species by its straight leaves which curve downward at the ends, entire (spineless) median leaflets, a clear petiole 5-7 inches long, and green cones with a fine brown fuzz. This group of Transvaal species is distinguished from the blue-leaved species of the Cape Province (E. lehmannii and allies) by leaves of similar color on top and bottom, and stomata on both top and bottom surfaces.

The Waterberg Cycad forms solitary or clumping trunks, up to 8 ft. tall, 1-1 ft in diameter. Its leaves are 3-5 feet long, blue or silver. Its leaflets are keeled, inserted at 50-90 on the leaf, with a spineless petiole, lance-shaped, the same color top and bottom, overlapping downwards, without lobes, or teeth, median leaflets 6-8 inches long, - inch wide.

1-9 Seeds: $25 apiece
10+ Seeds: $15 apiece
20+ Seeds: $12 apiece

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Encephalartos eugene maraisii Seeds