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Encephalartos cupidus

Encephalartos cupidusEncephalartos cupidus is a very rare and attractive dwarf cycad with blue green leaves up to 3 feet long, bearing prominent spines. In the wild, it is currently only found in the Blyde River Nature Reserve, on steep slopes, rocky grassland and open forest. It had a much wider distribution, but it suffered heavily from plant collectors, which considerably reduced its range.

Encephalartos cupidus’ name means desirable or highly attractive, which name originates from its original “desirability” as a collected plant.

This multi-trunking cycad can grow a mostly subterranean stem, up to 8 feet long over time, 1 foot in diameter. In cultivation, Encephalartos cupidus partial shade to mostly sunny exposure, and good drainage. It is frost and drought tolerant.

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Encephalartos cupidus