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Encephalartos manikensis "Vanduzi" Seeds

Encephalartos manikensis "Vanduzi" Seeds

Encephalartos manikensis, a long-leafed plant with hooked leaflets, grows in the Vanduzi district of Mozambique. In the picture here, you will see the size and unique shape of the leaflet. Also, note the size of the cones, on what is a 14-inch diameter caudex plant!

This is a large form from Mozambique.

The Encephalartos manikensis complex is a group of large cycads growing in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Plants in this complex have fat--straight trunks of up to 5 feet in height--leaves with short petioles--medium-sized spiny leaflets and green cones.

10+ Seeds: $3.00 apiece

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Encephalartos manikensis "Vanduzi" Seeds