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Encephalartos paucidentatus Plants

Encephalartos paucidentatus Specimen PlantsEncephalartos paucidentatus, also known as the Barberton Cycad, grows in the Barberton region of South Africa, on the border between South Africa and Swaziland. Its habitat is now a protected National Park region, because of its scarcity. Its current existing habitat is 'protected' by a pine forest, which effectively hides the plants. Nevertheless, Encephalartos paucidentatus is considered a highly vulnerable species.

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Encephalartos paucidentatus puts forth 6 foot long, dark green leaves, with the tips curving gently upwards and inwards. There is a slight leaflet overlap, and the leaflets have just a few spines, with mature plants often having entire leaflets.

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Encephalartos paucidentatus Specimen Plants