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Blue-Green Leaves

Encephalartos arenarius--Blue-Green Leaves

Encephalartos arenarius<br>Blue-Green LeavesEncephalartos arenarius, also known as the Alexandria Cycad, is native to coastal sand-dunes of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. It is a medium-sized cycad, with a trunk to about 4-5 ft. long, either erect, or reclining. It requires excellent drainage (i.e. sandy soil), and prefers light shade in arid climates, or moderate sun in humid climates. It should be protected from frost.

Encephalartos arenarius is distinguished by the slightly silver grey sheen on its adult leaves, and its gracefully lobed leaflets. It can handle a light frost, but not extreme extended frosts.

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Encephalartos arenarius
Blue-Green Leaves