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Dracaena draco Plants

Dracaena draco PlantsDracaena draco , also known as the “Dragon Tree”, or “Dragon's Blood Tree” is a drought-tolerant tree-like plant that can grow to become an stunning garden specimen or indoor plan. Native to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, and Madeira, Dracaena draco grows a ringed succulent trunk topped by clustered flexible sword-like blue-green leaves. Generally unbranched until it flowers, Dracaena draco then produces branches from the sides of its inflorescence. The leaf scars on its trunk resemble a reptile’s skin, and when cut, the tree ‘bleeds’ a deep red sap known as ‘Dragons Blood’, which can be used to stain wood.

Dracaena draco , the symbol of the island of Tenerife, grows well in full sun or part shade, and needs good drainage. It adapts well to container growing, and is hardy down to the low 20s or high teens Fahrenheit. Hardy and drought tolerant, Dracaena draco can adapt well to extreme heat, winds and ocean salty weather.

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Dracaena draco Plants