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Dioon sonorense

Dioon sonorenseDioon sonorense is an extremely rare cycad from Mexico, which grows to moderate size and is highly sought after by collectors. Dioon sonorense produces a crown of numerous silvery blue-green leaves with fine leaflets. Its leaves are often twisted and ascend in a spiral shape. Leaves emerge with a densely fuzzy covering, remaining the same color with age. Narrow, flat leaflets are spaced between the margins by almost the width of the leaflets. Newly emerging leaves of Dioon sonorense are light green and taper outwardly at the tip; the leaflets remain lightly tomentose while the rachis is covered by a silvery pubescence.

Dioon sonorense grows in the state of Sonora in Mexico, in oak woodland and the transition zone to high desert at an altitude of 2000-4000 feet. Plants are usually found on steep terrain growing under extremely dry conditions with an annual rainfall of 10-20 inches.

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Dioon sonorense