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Dioon mejiae Plants

Dioon mejiaeDioon mejiae, a medium-to-large cycad, grows attractive stiff, upright leaves to 6+ feet long. Its flat, wide leaflets are medium to dark green. Native to Honduras and Nicaragua, where its common name is teosinte, Dioon mejiae is drought-resistant, enjoying partial shade with good drainage in a sub-tropical or warm temperate climate.

In habitat, Dioon mejiae is a majestic cycad, growing to a trunk height of 40 feet! Please click here to see a habitat photo of this plant with my friend Jody Haynes. Dioon mejiae seeds are a food source which supplement maize-bean diets for an estimated 33,000 Hondurans, who process the seeds (to remove toxins) and make tamales, tortillas, and other products. Leaves are used for a religious celebrations.

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Dioon mejiae