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Dioon edule "Rio Verde" Seeds

Dioon edule "Rio Verde" Seeds

These are all seedlings, now. Please click your way over to the seedling section of this website.

Currently out of stock. Please see either Dioon edule "Queretaro" or Dioon sp. Palma Sola for similar plant types.

These plants are native to the Rio Verde region in San Luis Potosi in eastern Mexico. This is a humid habitat, where these plants grow in a deep shady subtropical forest. They tend to have wider leaflets than those of typical Dioon edule.

TheRio Verde Dioon is currently classified with Dioon edule, however this may be described as a new species in the coming years.

We have these seeds available at the following prices (plus shipping):

Up to 10 $3.00 per seed
10-49 $1.00 per seed
50-99 $0.85 per seed
100-199 $0.80 per seed
200+ $0.75 per seed

These seeds may be shipped to addresses outside the USA. Please verify with your local authorities whether you will require a Phytosanitary Permit.

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Dioon edule "Rio Verde" Seeds