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Dioon angustifolium

Dioon angustifoliumDioon angustifolium is a very graceful, cold hardy and heat-tolerant drought resistant cycad. Dioon angustifolium gets its name from its narrow leaflets, as "angusti" is Latin for "narrow", “folium” for leaves. Among other features, compared to Dioon edule, Dioon angustifolium has finer leaflets, which are silver-grey when young. They often emerge bright a bright orange-red color, before fading to a blue-green.

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According to the Palm and Cycad Society of Australia (PACSOA) website, Dioon angustifolium "is often regarded as a more attractive garden plant" than Dioon edule.

Dioon angustifolium<br>Specimen Plants
Dioon angustifolium
Specimen Plants

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Dioon angustifolium