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Cycas sp. "Utaithani" Seeds

Cycas sp. "Utaithani" Seeds

Item # SeedCycUta
- 9 pieces1+$10.00 ea.
Price 10 - 29$3.00 ea.
Price 50 - 99$2.00 ea.
Price 100 - 149$1.50 ea.

This plant’s habitat is in sandstone cliffs, in the Utaithani Province of Thailand, approximately 150 miles northwest of Bangkok. It grows at altitudes of 1300-1500 feet in arid mountains. This species has a brownish trunk with a thick trunk and multi-leaf flushes. In full sun, the leaves take on a blue color. In shade, the leaves are a deeper green.

10+ Seeds: $3.00 apiece
50+ Seeds: $2.00 apiece
100+ Seeds: $1.50 apiece

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Cycas sp. "Utaithani" Seeds