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Cycas revoluta "Showa" form

Cycas revoluta "Showa" form

From germination, this special compact form is very vigorous and produces twice as many fronds as the regular Cycas revoluta. The top of the plant forms a very thick crown of leaves. When the trunk of the "Showa" forms, it is extremely dark in color, almost black. The leaves are also tighter and darker in color. DNA work has been recently performed on the ‘Showa’ cultivar, which has revealed a genetic code with specific differences to the standard C. revoluta.

While this cultivar is relatively unknown outside of Japan, most temples and palaces in Japan have the Cycas revoluta ‘Showa’ form planted in their landscape. Named “Sosetsu Showa,” this form was first noticed during the "Meiji" Period (1868-1912), but was not planted in Japanese Temples and Palaces until the "Showa" Period (1926-1989), when the Japanese Emperor ordered that this Cycas cultivar be planted in all Palace Gardens and Temples.

Currently, there are only limited sources of this seed in Japan, and fewer outside Japan. We secured a limited number of sprouted seeds several years ago, which have now grown to mature plants.

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Cycas revoluta "Showa" form