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Cycas pranburiensis

Cycas pranburiensis

Cycas pranburiensis is a lovely extremely rare plant with bright green glossy leaves growing to 4 feet long, and a trunk which can reach 10 feet over time. It comes from one locality, limestone outcrops of Khao Sam Roi Yot in Pranburi province, Thailand. There, it grows in dense thickets in crevices of jagged limestone outcrops with very little soil.

Cycas pranburiensis is distinguished from all other species in the region by its short leaves with few, leathery, short and broad leaflets and short, spine-free petioles. It has small pollen cones with stout spreading spiny scales. Female plants feature open seed cones with long scales tipped with short spines.

Cycas pranburiensis has an affinity with the unusual Cycas lindstromii from Vietnam, and it is allied to the Cycas pectinata group. Because it is found in only one single locality, this species should be regarded as threatened.

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Cycas pranburiensis