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Cycas petraea Seeds

Cycas petraea Seeds*Notice these prices have been reduced by 50%*

Also known as the "Loei Cycad," this rare and large new cycad species from Thailand has only recently been scientifically described. It grows on Thailand's coldest mountains--the mountains in Loei in the north of Thailand--not far from the border to Laos. On winter nights the temperature here drops well below freezing - occasionally even with snowfall - so this species is well adapted to temperate and subtropical climates.

Cycas petraea can grow a trunk about 7 feet tall. The leaves are short and flat with 32-40 dark green - very glossy - and slightly waxy leaflets on either side and are carried on a fairly long petiole.

10+ Seeds: $2.50 apiece
25+ Seeds: $2.00 apiece
50+ Seeds: $1.50 apiece
100+ Seeds: $1.25
200+ Seeds: $1.00 apiece

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Cycas petraea Seeds