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Cycas Thai Sp. 'Mountain Blue'

Cycas Thai Sp. 'Mountain Blue'

Item # CycasBlue

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We are now accepting pre-orders for this species, direct from Thailand, with sizable caudexes, 9-18 inches tall.
This is a rare and newly discovered species of Cycas found in the mountains of northern Thailand. As you can see from the mature specimen pictured here, the leaves form a beautiful blue canopy. I am not aware of any specimens in this size currently available in the U.S., so this is a special opportunity.
All plants are being imported in compliance with CITES and USDA regulations. Plants will be delivered with roots and leaves trimmed off, complete with instructions for re-establishing the plants into healthy rooted and leafed-out specimens.
These are currently out of stock.

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Cycas Thai Sp. 'Mountain Blue'