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Cycas siamensis 'Thai Silver Form'

Cycas siamensis 'Thai Silver Form'

Item # SeedCycThaSil
- 9 pieces1+$5.00 ea.
Price 10 - 49$3.00 ea.
Price 50 - 99$1.50 ea.
Price 100 - 199$1.25 ea.
Price 200+$1.00 ea.

Please click on the photograph for an enlarged view.

Sorry...These are all seedlings, now. Please click your way over to the seedling section of this website.

This is the rare silver form variety of Cycas siamensis. Its emergent leaves are silver in color, as you can see from the image here. The leaves retain much of this coloring over time. I am not aware of any seeds of this species currently available in the U.S., so this is a special opportunity.
These seeds have been imported in compliance with CITES and USDA regulations. If you are outside the USA, there may be additional costs to export the seeds to you. Please inquire.
1-4 seeds: $5.00 per seed
10-49 seeds: $3.00 per seed
50-99 seeds: $1.50 per seed
100-199 seeds: $1.25 per seed
200+ seeds: $1.00 per seed
October 2002: These seeds have now germinated. If you are interested in sprouted seeds, please see the offering below.

Sprouted Cycas siamensis "Thai silver form" Seeds!$10.00, 10/$80.00, 20/$140.00

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Cycas siamensis 'Thai Silver Form'