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Cycas sp. 'Wilailak' Seeds

Cycas sp. 'Wilailak' Seeds

Item # SeedCycWil
- 9 pieces1+$10.00 ea.
Price 10 - 29$3.00 ea.
Price 50 - 99$2.00 ea.
Price 100 - 149$1.50 ea.
Price 200+$0.95 ea.

This is a very fast-growing and cold tolerant Cycas found on limestone mountains in Northern Thailand, near the Laos border. The winter temperature in this area can go as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit, and the plants can be covered with snow and ice.
This is a tall cycad growing to 25-30 feet tall high, with the stem becoming almost white, and sometimes achieving 2 or 3 heads per plant. The leaves reach over 3 1/2 feet long.
These large golf ball-sized seeds germinate quickly. They are currently being offered elsewhere for $1.00 apiece. We are offering them as follows:

10+ Seeds: $3.00 apiece
50+ Seeds, $2.00 apiece
100+ Seeds, $1.50 apiece
200+ Seeds, $0.95 apiece

Sprouted Seeds!$10.00, 10/$70.00, 20/$120.00

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Cycas sp. 'Wilailak' Seeds