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Cycas siamensis Seeds<br>Sow Now

Cycas siamensis Seeds
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Item # SeedCycSia
- 49 pieces1+$2.00 ea.
Price 50 - 99$0.70 ea.
Price 100 - 199$0.65 ea.
Price 200+$0.60 ea.

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Sorry...These are all seedlings, now. Please click your way over to the seedling section of this website.
This plant is distinguished by flat leaves with a very short petiole and basal leaflets gradually reducing in size towards the spines, and an incredibly unique bulbous base, which flares out, becoming broad and plate-like in older plants.
Pictured is a mature specimen of this plant.
Seeds are priced as follows:
$0.70 per seed for 50 seeds
$0.65 per seed for 100+ seeds
$0.60 per seed for 200+ seeds
Plus postage.
Please note that these seeds have now sprouted, and if you are ordering them from overseas, we'll need to ask you to reimburse our cost of obtaining CITES and phytosanitary paperwork and any required treatment.

Sprouted Seeds!$5.00, 10/$40.00, 20/$70.00

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Cycas siamensis Seeds
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