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Cycas Siamensis--Mature Plants

Cycas Siamensis--Mature Plants

Item # CycasSia

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We are now accepting pre-orders for this species, direct from Thailand, with sizable caudexes, 15-18 inches tall.
This plant is distinguished by flat leaves and an incredibly unique bulbous base, which flares out, becoming broad and plate-like in older plants. Baseball-sized specimens of this plant sell for over $100 in Southern California. Above you will see some mature specimens, in a photo from one of our suppliers.
All plants are being imported in compliance with CITES and USDA regulations. Plants will be delivered with roots and leaves trimmed off, complete with instructions for re-establishing the plants into healthy rooted and leafed-out specimens.
The Sale Price, when posted, is available for pre-orders only. Once these plants have been potted up in our greenhouse, the Regular Price applies.

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Cycas Siamensis--Mature Plants